3 Benefits That You Didn’t Know Medicaid Offered

If you have an elderly parent or relative that is low-income and suffers from a chronic condition or is in need of long-term care, they may qualify for assistance under Medicaid, the federal and state program that provides health coverage for low-income individuals and families. But, often, families hesitate to apply for Medicaid benefits even if they believe they would qualify. Health insurance can be confusing and complex, and some people worry that applying for and using Medicaid will only make the already complicated task of caring for an elderly family member even more difficult, or they worry that Medicaid will limit their choices and force them to put their elderly loved one in a nursing home. Read More 

5 Important Assisted Living Facility Safety Features That Are Commonly Overlooked

As you plan to tour the assisted living facilities in your area, you're likely already thinking about the safety features you'll look for during the visit. While alarms to prevent wandering and window locks are certainly important, there are other less noticeable safety features that are all too often overlooked by potential residents and their caretakers. Look for these five useful safety features on your tour to find a facility that cares about its residents. Read More