5 Things To Pack For A Loved One Going To Short Term Rehabilitation

If you have a loved one who was recently injured or suffered a medical episode, their doctor may suggest that they enroll immediately in a short term rehabilitation center, such as The Village At Morrisons Cove, after they are discharged from the hospital. While some patients may have a few days at home before they are accepted at a rehabilitation center, patients who require 24-hour medical supervision will often go directly from the hospital to the rehabilitation center without stopping at home. This means that you may have to pack a bag for your loved one. Below are some of the things they may need while at a rehabilitation center. 

Loose, Comfortable Clothing 

The daily program at each rehabilitation facility will differ. However, if your loved one is there for short term rehabilitation, they will likely have multiple physical and occupational therapy sessions each day. For this reason, it is important that you bring loose, comfortable clothes that they can move in easily. For example, sweat pants and t-shirts make good options. However, your loved one may want to dress up on occasion. A skirt with an elastic waistband or a loose pair of slacks are appropriate for those times. For patients concentrating on speech therapy or other types of therapy that do not involve physical exertion, you may want to pack a few more pairs of casual clothes and less workout clothing. 

Sturdy, Comfortable Shoes 

During therapy sessions, your loved one may need a pair of supportive sneakers. They can also wear these shoes around the facility. You should also pack anti-slip shower shoes for the bathroom and a pair of warm, comfortable slippers with ant-slip soles for around the bedroom. In most cases, dress shoes are unnecessary. However, if you pack a pair you should make sure they do not have a heel or a slick sole. 

Hair Ties or Headbands for Long Hair 

If your loved one has long hair, make sure to include a few hair ties or hair bands to keep their hair off of their face while they are completing therapy. 

Some Form of Leisurely Entertainment

While your loved one will likely be busy with therapy during the majority of their day, there will occasionally be down-time for them to rest and relax. For these moments, you should pack some form of leisurely entertainment. A book to read or a puzzle book is often a good option. Younger patients may want their favorite video game or an mp3 player to listen to. Knitting or crochet may also be appropriate, if your loved one is interested in it. If your loved one uses reading glasses, make sure to bring them as well. 

Before you pack entertainment, you may want to call the rehabilitation center to ask what they provide as far as entertainment and what they suggest for your specific loved one. For example, if your loved one is recovering from a stroke, they may suffer from acquired dyslexia and have trouble reading, so packing books may frustrate your loved one. 

Sleepwear and Toiletries 

Many rehabilitation centers provide toiletries for their patients. However, bringing your loved one's favorite toiletries from home can make them feel more comfortable and secure. You may want to include a toiletry bag with soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Additionally, you should pack loose, comfortable sleepwear for your loved one. Beside pajamas, consider packing a light robe that your loved one can use when going to the bathroom, especially if they are in a shared room. 

The majority of your loved one's time at a rehabilitation center should be spent focusing on their rehabilitation, so they will not need many items. However, the above items will make them feel more comfortable and secure at the facility.