Why A Snoezelen Room Is An Important Feature At A Memory Care Facility

Becoming forgetful is a normal part of life as people age, but losing the ability to remember anything is typically a result of dementia or Alzheimer's. If your parent is beginning to demonstrate signs of one of these conditions, you may want to start looking into a facility that specializes in memory care services. As you look for a facility, you may want to find one that offers a Snoezelen Room.

What Is A Snoezelen Room?

A Snoezelen Room is something that was developed in the 1970s by Dutch psychologists. It was developed as a way of offering safety, comfort, and relaxation to seniors, but especially for seniors struggling with memory issues from dementia an Alzheimer's. These rooms are often referred to as multisensory rooms, and they generally contain a lot of different objects that are specially selected and designed to stimulate the mind and all the senses.

While you will not find Snoezelen Rooms in all nursing homes and memory care centers, they are beginning to become more popular, primarily because of the benefits they offer.

What Will You Find In A Snoezelen Room?

A Snoezelen Room can contain a variety of different things, but it will usually contain a mixture of things that are colorful and comfortable. It may also contain musical sounds that are soothing, as well as scents that are comforting and peaceful. Here are some examples of things that are often found in Snoezelen Rooms:

  • Cushioned walls – To allow the residents to explore a Snoezelen Room safely, the rooms often contain cushioned walls and objects. By having these items, the residents can wander around the room, touch things, sit down, and find enjoyment all while staying safe.
  • Colored projections – There might be a wall that is facing a projector. The projector may be placing colorful images on the wall, and these images will help stimulate the minds of those that enter the room.
  • Items to play with – There may also be colorful objects and items the residents can look at, touch, and play with. These are designed to help encourage thinking and creativity.

When you enter a Snoezelen Room, you will immediately notice how different it is from other parts of the facility. It will stand out from the other rooms, and you may find that you even enjoy being in this room. With all that is going on in the room, along with the music you hear and the scents you smell, you may instantly feel less stress and more comfort and ease. If so, you may be able to understand how this room could benefit your parent during his or her stay at the facility.

What Are The Benefits These Rooms Offer?

There are a number of benefits seniors can experience by using Snoezelen Rooms, but one of the main things is the ability for a senior to really experience enjoyment and contentment. This may encourage brain functions, and it may even help brighten a person's mood or behavior. Visiting a Snoezelen room may also help reduce the fears seniors have, and it will typically calm a person if he or she is anxious or agitated.

In addition, spending time in a Snoezelen Room may give your parent something to do with his or her time. If the room is full of stimulating things, your parent might spend hours looking at things and exploring the items.

While there is no cure for dementia or Alzheimer's, there are still ways people can enjoy life with these conditions, and spending time in a Snoezelen Room is a great way to do this. If you would like to learn more about Snoezelen Rooms or memory care services, contact a nursing home facility today.