Provide These Solutions To Help Your Parent Sleep Better Upon Moving Into An Assisted Living Home

Helping your elderly parent to move into an assisted living home will provide him or her with a wealth of benefits, including making new friends and no longer having to toil over the arduous elements of home ownership. Ideally, your parent will settle into his or her new accommodations quickly, but there's always a chance that sleeping may pose a challenge — especially if your parent has difficult sleeping at the best of times. Read More 

Questions To Ask A Nursing Home Representative

If it's nearing the time when a relative of yours has to go into a nursing home, you need to be careful about which one you choose. Because you'll be moving this relative from his or her regular home to one where the overall environment is strange, the nursing home has to be one that is comforting and that has staff and residents who the relative will like. Think of the future when formulating questions. Read More 

Supporting A Spouse During An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis? What Should You Know?

If your spouse or partner has recently been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's Disease (AD), you may be at a loss as far as what to expect from his or her mental state over the coming months -- as well as what you'll need to do to provide assistance. How can you help your spouse with his or her changing needs during this time? Read on to learn more about being a care partner during these early stages of memory loss, as well as what you may want to do to prepare for when your spouse needs additional care down the line. Read More 

5 Things To Pack For A Loved One Going To Short Term Rehabilitation

If you have a loved one who was recently injured or suffered a medical episode, their doctor may suggest that they enroll immediately in a short term rehabilitation center, such as The Village At Morrisons Cove, after they are discharged from the hospital. While some patients may have a few days at home before they are accepted at a rehabilitation center, patients who require 24-hour medical supervision will often go directly from the hospital to the rehabilitation center without stopping at home. Read More 

Why A Snoezelen Room Is An Important Feature At A Memory Care Facility

Becoming forgetful is a normal part of life as people age, but losing the ability to remember anything is typically a result of dementia or Alzheimer's. If your parent is beginning to demonstrate signs of one of these conditions, you may want to start looking into a facility that specializes in memory care services. As you look for a facility, you may want to find one that offers a Snoezelen Room. Read More