Provide These Solutions To Help Your Parent Sleep Better Upon Moving Into An Assisted Living Home

Helping your elderly parent to move into an assisted living home will provide him or her with a wealth of benefits, including making new friends and no longer having to toil over the arduous elements of home ownership. Ideally, your parent will settle into his or her new accommodations quickly, but there's always a chance that sleeping may pose a challenge — especially if your parent has difficult sleeping at the best of times. To ease the transition and help your parent sleep more deeply in the assisted living home, there are a number of potential solutions that you can offer. Here are some ideas.

Blackout Curtains

Some people need a dark environment to sleep, which may be a challenge if the brightness of a nearby outdoor light shines through the window of your parent's unit. In this scenario, light may enter the room even when the blinds are drawn. You can address this problem by buying a set of blackout curtains for your parent. These curtains can be hung behind the existing curtains in the room to offer a solid layer that will repel the light, thus making the room darker and more conducive to a good night's sleep.

CD Player And CDs

Although assisted living homes are quiet at night, your parent may occasionally hear another resident walking in the hall or talking loudly in another room. This issue may be a stark change from when your parent lived in his or her own home. Some people find that some background noise is ideal for washing away other sounds and allowing for a deeper sleep. Buy your parent a small CD player and some CDs with relaxation music on them. This device can then be set up on your parent's beside table and turned on when your parent goes to bed. Make sure that the player has a "Sleep" setting so that it will shut off automatically after a certain amount of time, rather than play all night.

New Pillow

Your parent may be using the same pillow for months or even years, and it may no longer be conducive to a good night's sleep. Check the condition of your parent's pillow and consider replacing it if it's too thin or lumpy. Make a decent investment in a quality pillow, and your parent may find that he or she is sleeping more soundly because of no longer tossing and turning and getting a sore neck.

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