Factors To Know About Residing In A Assisted Living Community

As a person starts to reach an advanced age, they may find that living alone in their home may not be the safest option. However, these individuals may want to be able to maintain as ch of their freedom and quality of life as possible. For these patients, assisted living communities can be an effective solution to balancing these competing needs. Medical Care Will Be Easily Available For Emergencies And Routine Monitoring Or Treatments Read More 

Steps For Bringing Up Nursing Home Living To Your Elderly Parent

Even though many senior citizens will love living in a nursing home once they get there, it may take a bit of work to make this change a reality. Many people are resistant to change, and if your elderly parent has been living in the same house for years or even decades, it can take some convincing on your part to show that it's time to move into a nursing home — and this can even be the case if your parent honestly knows that it's time, but is still resistant to the move. Read More 

Hearing Loss And Alzheimer’s Disease Often Go Hand In Hand

Who would think that the loss of hearing and memory are in some way related? Although either can occur as a person ages, studies suggest a link between hearing loss and dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. One study found that the worse a person's hearing loss, the higher the risk that he or she may eventually develop dementia. Consequently, researchers speculate that identifying a hearing loss early on and treating it may prevent or at least delay the onset of dementia. Read More 

Provide These Solutions To Help Your Parent Sleep Better Upon Moving Into An Assisted Living Home

Helping your elderly parent to move into an assisted living home will provide him or her with a wealth of benefits, including making new friends and no longer having to toil over the arduous elements of home ownership. Ideally, your parent will settle into his or her new accommodations quickly, but there's always a chance that sleeping may pose a challenge — especially if your parent has difficult sleeping at the best of times. Read More 

Questions To Ask A Nursing Home Representative

If it's nearing the time when a relative of yours has to go into a nursing home, you need to be careful about which one you choose. Because you'll be moving this relative from his or her regular home to one where the overall environment is strange, the nursing home has to be one that is comforting and that has staff and residents who the relative will like. Think of the future when formulating questions. Read More