Preparing Your Elderly Relative For A Move To A Senior Care Home

If you have an elderly relative who has been living on their own but has recently displayed signs of difficulties in continuing to do so, you may have contemplated having them move to a senior care home. These facilities provide amenities to promote healthy living and safety in a community setting. Here are tips to aid in providing your relative with the peace of mind necessary in accomplishing a successful move.

Tour A Senior Care Home Facility To Promote Familiarity

It is important that your relative feels at ease with the area they are to be moving to. If they are not on board with the thought of moving to a new home with an entirely different atmosphere than they are used to, they need a bit of reassurance about the process. Taking a tour of a senior care home facility can be extremely beneficial in giving your relative an overview of the grounds where they will be living, as well as helping them to familiarize themselves with the layout and the workers they will be spending time with. They may also meet people who already live at the establishment, helping them to start the process of making friends.

Help With Downsizing Of Personal Items

When someone moves to a senior care home, they will not need to bring along all of their personal items in order to live comfortably. Many senior care homes are completely furnished. For this reason, you need to assist your relative in the movement of items to a storage facility or to start the process of giving away, donating, or selling the ones no longer needed. This takes a bit of time so it is best to start the process as soon as you are sure your relative is definitely leaving their current living space.

Assist With The Transferal Of Bills And Medical Records

When moving to any new area, there is a need to research companies nearby that provide services. Inquire whether your relative is responsible for electricity, Internet, access to phone usage, or energy costs or whether the senior care facility provides these services. Cancel current services right before the move is to be made. Contact your relative's primary doctor to find out if they can send documentation to the senior care facility regarding their current and past medical needs. This includes prescription information and restriction information necessary to keep your loved one healthy in their new setting.

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